История экспозиций
Берлин, Германия
Русский культурный центр в Берлине
12 июня 2017
Our Guests
First day in Berlin, more than 1000 guests attended our exhibition in Russian Center of Science and Culture/ Berlin citizens, former Russians, staff members of German national parks, representatives of Government, bloggers, tourists – everybody could find out how to visit Russian reserves and national parks.
Talk and Activities
The exhibition "Wilderness of Russia" is a perfect site for cooperation between scientists of different countries, devoted to studying preserved territories, bloggers and volunteers eager to visit and see pristine nature, and of course for everobody who wants to develop sustainable tourism in protected areas.
During the opening ceremony you can register to get free screensaver and calendar "Wilderness of Russia". Besides, within the opening ceremony we make degustation of Russian products (pine jam, fish etc). Mmm… That`s tasty!
Photo Exhibition Wilderness of Russia in Berlin in June 2017
Russian Center of Science and Culture in Berlin
Мадрид, Испания
Национальный музей естественных наук в Мадриде
29 июня 2017
Photo Exhibition Wilderness of Russia in Madrid, June 2017
National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid
Москва, Россия
Парк Горького
18 августа 2017
Locally grown grape is cheap and very juicy
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