Фотовыставка заповедная природа россии


Выставка Посвященная Столетию Заповедной Системы России
The wilderness of Russia is the pride of the nation. In our country the creation of reserves, national parks, sanctuaries, natural monuments is a traditional and effective form of solving global and local environmental problems. Today, the total area of all nature reserves of Russia is 11.4% of the country's total area - 206.7 million hectares!
We hope that the photos inspire you to work and travel around Russia, help you think about how important it is to preserve nature pristine. Come to Russia, reserved lands can surprise everyone! You will understand that our country is not only a huge taiga, cold seas and endless fields. These are volcanoes and geysers, ecosystems of the cleanest rivers, lakes and ancient forests boggling the mind with their biodiversity, this is the living water area of the Pacific Ocean, full of colors steppe world and the harsh beauty of inaccessible mountains. To see the beauty of Russia with your own eyes, you just need to want it.
We invite guests from all over the world, we are ready to tell endlessly about the nature of our country. Today, you can know everything about the possibilities of visiting unique natural places in nature reserves and national parks, from tour operators organizing a trip to Russia.
And of course, you can seek advice of organizers of "Wilderness of Russia" project.
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